Tantric Sex Enhancement – Youth – Strength – Fertility

This is a Tantric rundown of all the techniques.  I use them all to be in an orgasmic state no matter what I am doing, as over the months it does become more natural.  I included a guide on how I hone in on desires for ritual and get motivation through orgasmic micro dosing.  A lot of these are very intricate techniques, that make a women’s (or mans) body perk up and energize.  This has come together through a lifetime search for vitality and orgasmic states of mind, over 10 years of massage work, self practice, living in nature and working with tantric/psychic clients.   I can not recite all this information in sessions.  I do offer discounts for clients who have gone through my online training!!



*Retain Youth

*Ecstatic Birth

*Channel more energy for more intense experiences

*Hacks to enhance blood flow and stimulation

*Last longer, and enter a bliss full erotic flow

*Gain Energy and Body Glow/Vitality    

*Body/Mind Balance    

*Motor function, Flexibility and Mobility 


*Erotic Manifesting    

*Enhance Intuition 



-Ecstatic Fast Track-Orgasmic Microdosing

-Sex Enhancement

-Giving Pleasure

-Erotic Manifesting-Using erotic energy for creativity, focus and motivation.

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