What is Tantra?  I haven’t looked up the definition in a while, but here it is utilizing the full potential of the body and mind.  I achieve this through deep relaxation, mind/body purification and spiritual physical development.  Combining Ayurveda(body purification and science of life put in short), Reiki(healing spiritual body, and Tantra-(extra sensation(spirit(actual) body), more realization, and transformation).  Intuition, mind power, sexual pleasure, replenishing self and wellness, and spiritual bliss are all side effects of each other.

For me learning about Tantra happened by accident in my search for healing physically, mentally and spiritually.  In other words..seeking inner peace, confidence, independence, inner strength, FULL vitality, relaxation, and purification led me here.  I wanted a fun, amazing, healthy life with the person I was meant to be with.  After working on healing childhood trauma, chronic back pain, abusive relationships, and attracting my twin flame….I learned the power and importance of cultivating our inner guru…I cannot come into Union with my twin soul and true love until I am completely in love with myself and my soul mission…living in my highest power…it is not something that can be given to us.  I also learned this about sexual vitality.  This is simply treating the sexual organs like any other body part but better, with rejuvenation, exercise etc.  Again this comes from within and our habits.  When I learned Reiki, I was taught and have experienced that it is much better to address the roots of issues by going deep ourselves  to transform or change something in our life for better rather than seeking quick fixes for relief then going back into the same stuff it keeps going.  Physical rejuvenation still plays an important roll in being able to be present and give to others, but Spiritual healing has changed my life and introduced unworldly sensations I am excited to share more and more.  In sex, relationships, healing, manifesting and more I’ve found power in being in an energy of bliss and gratitude with deep relaxation vs the energy needing to “fix” something or needing anything at all.  I did learn and experience the most ecstatic things when living in my car in Nature so I would say less is more….In these states with techniques intuition and body awareness is heightened.  The power is inside us all.

About my work

I teach practicing tantra as a lifestyle for overall vitality, sexual health, mental and physical development and more.  Sessions with me are geared towards development on a personal level.  This is a fusion of body tune up, tantric exercise, meditation, yoga, massage and free movement!

It is about inner growth, developing our physical/spiritual body and connection with self to feel and radiate bliss. Enjoy the techniques and use them daily to enhance the body, energy, sexual/sensual skills, intuition, creativity and manifestation abilities!

To give pleasure, BE pleasure..

When am I available?

-I am very flexible and do best with a day in advance.

What are sessions like?

(Full)Body rejuvenation and aligning, then mix of techniques to relax deeper, and hopefully go into an ecstatic trance if your ready to go deep within!  I feel vibes from others, and I feel spiritual sensations so I feel basically what you feel in session!

Tantra can be used as a disciplined sexual practice to retain youth, beauty, and higher states of consciousness.  Stimulation of the sexual energy can be used to enhance and accelerate healing through out body and mind.  Much like simply sending a body part awareness or telling a body part to relax.  Using these techniques with an air of sexual charge will add some extra sensation, circulation, and awareness to name a few things.  

What type of clients to I see?

-Typically those who feel Tantra the most are already on a mind/body self development path of some sort.  The ones I’ve seen who felt spiritual waves the most had either experience in Martial Arts, Qi Gong, Meditation, Yoga, or just natural health in general!  Feeling spirit body sensations alone can result in more of a chakra expanding or electrical feeling with heightened senses…realizations especially…it can be like looking at everything from a mountain top…I like to describe it as superhuman on ecstasy.  At this level, one is rejuvenated, relaxed and sexual sensations are achieved with the power of the breath, body flow and mind.  This is super advanced though.  The majority of Tantric practitioners I work with go into a trance…bye bye.  Have fun.  The inexperienced will usually resist getting relaxed, or will get super aroused, and just try to finish.  This is just rejuvenation….orgasms happen unexpectedly when fully relaxed, yet energized.  SIMPLY PUT- stronger clients are more focused inward.  Clients who struggle in certain areas are focused out.

How did I learn Tantra?

-I was interested in developing my own self confidence, health, independence in relationships, and sexual bliss… I studied health and relaxation and everything else happened by accident.  Sports led to fitness then natural health, ayurveda, lucid dreaming,yoga etc, then Tantra.  I found most Tantric techniques are very natural and feel good/rejuvenating to the human body…I guess that’s why information is hard to find on what this is and why no one really seems to get it.  Actual self development luckily is becoming more mainstream.<3

How did I learn to give Tantric Massage?

Practicing regular massage to learn about blood and energy flow, how to relive tension, and get someone relaxed.  This rest is cake!  Learning Yoni massage takes the same selflessness.  Also a lot of meditation and mental clearing/focus development to be fully present and aware of ones energy.  Learning to tune into how feel how another being feels is a spiritual level of being so at peace and in bliss that whatever makes the other person feel good is good for you.  This level of actual feeling could result in the inability to eat meat!

How long have I practiced..this?

Health-lifelong interest

Massage-8 years

Natural Health/Ayurveda-6 years

Tantra-3 years

Reiki-9 months