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How to Give a Pleasurable Tantric Massage

Tantric Massage

Practicing on yourself be it tantric massage, abhyanga daily massage, energy healing or whatever you need.  After giving massage, I would rejuvenate myself.  In doing this I would get better and better at pinpointing where the tension was and eliminating it.  Practice more to transmute this energy and learning to give Reiki or Tantra spiritual sensations will be cake!  Combine techniques even.  Imagine and feel the desired result.  This will aid in giving a well rounded, mind blowing, and transformational experience to others!  The mind is a powerful tool for the giver and receiver.  Our thoughts have been proven to influence others.  Getting aligned to a higher vibration is healing and lets you emit that back to others.  Ask higher vibration to assist.  Imagine improvement and improved state, focus on higher energy and the end result, not the temporary problem.  Energies absorb each other so introduce a high vibrational frequency which will stimulate transformation.  Focus on breath and tuning into good energy throughout sessions.  Even focusing on good or therapeutic images.  The deeper the relaxation the more powerful the transformative effects will be.  You can imagine explosions of light in different areas of the body, I have literally heard a number of visualization examples. 

The best oils to use are any plant based edible unrefined oils that call to you.  My favorites are hemp, thc, and sesame oils for the results I experience.  But there are many different oils.  I always switch and try different ones to let my skin absorb the different nutrients and benefits each has to offer.  We are made up of many different nutrients.  It is similar to my diet, I want a wide range of nutrients for my skin!

Set atmosphere, relax, and breathe deep and steady.  Rub oil all over receiver to caress the entire body and spread oil evenly so there aren’t pauses later to get more.  This is also a good warm up for the givers hands and the receivers body.  Begin by massaging body, reducing tightness in sore areas for deeper relaxation.  Few people prefer light brushing and massage movements.  I would ask how they like the pressure to be safe.  Towards the heart is known to be very effective by utilizing the bodies circulation system.  Also “clean up” around the joints.  This is recommended in Ayurveda to be done daily.  You can also apply pressure at the base of the skull, circling towards the heart.  Apply a little pressure between the eye brows.  Some people will benefit from this more and want it a lot harder and in different surrounding areas.  If thats the case massaging this area may be very beneficial to them.  It will likely seem to be swollen.  If not the case move on to drawing a spiral out from the center of the forehead just above the eyebrows.  This is said to open the third eye and is very stimulating.  For me I notice after doing this 3 second ritual, my neck and back loosen dramatically.  Then starting from the center of the head with both pointer fingers, move outward.  You can also do light tapping with fingertips to enhance stimulation..but be sure to practice on yourself before doing it to another person.   Start running hands up and down body massaging as you go.  When at the chest, if being done to someone with “swollen” shoulders, apply a little more body weight.  If there is “swelling” closer to the arms below the collar bone you can apply pressure there also but don’t over do it.  It is okay to ask what the receiver prefers.  Focus on the pressure from the chest down to the top of the genitals and from the feet or lower body going up.  This helps get the movement through out the body and up and down the spine as well as spiritual body.  The inner thighs are highly stimulating as well as above and/or below genitals depending on the stress areas.  This is because movement was stimulated in the blockages around them.  Go back up to and around the chest.  When you go back down this time start with hands from the sides stomach, applying some pressure to the abdomen as you go down toward the genitals.  Go back down the legs.  When going back up, keep your thumbs down so they go between inner thighs and are able to massage up the perineum.  Again, usually if the area is swollen it will benefit, but could likely be sore as well so be careful.  Their energy should be circulating at this point.  Keep going up and down in different patterns, slowly adding light, slow genital stimulation or massage.  A light tough of the fingertip goes a long way as well as holding pressure points.  This can go on for as long as you like.  Breath and clenching can be done by both people.  Doing these things again will build and accumulate energy.  Massage is a large part of tantra because tantra is about activating energy flow in the body especially around the genital area.  Massage is a way of pushing out the old and in the new.  I always saw it like cleaning a house, the joints being like corners where impurities can hide.  You will give more stimulating experiences as you get more attuned to the energy in the body and pressure points.  Practice is where skills are developed.

Herbal Nourishment and Healing



eucalyptus .000005 in leaves



folic acid

avoid processed sugar and other foods including “low fat”, trans/hyd fats, alcohol,

yopo sekona dpt

eleuthero Rhodiola zizyphus polygala

Passion Flower-smokable, relaxation, pain relief, sedative that helps breathing, sleep aid, lowers blood pressure, body purification, heals wounds, eczema and other skin conditions, and reduces inflammation.  The fruit is a rich source of nutrients and antioxidants good for eyesight, immunity, and blood pressure.

Development of Dreams/Consciousness Plants
Am mushroom

Blue lotus and sacred lotus-smokeable, visions, euphoric, sex drive, enhances visual perception, help visualization, shifts thought processes
Bluntleaf Wattle-(acacia)dmt

Bundleweed-dmt, helps couch, respiratory disorders, sleeplessness, tachycardia, hormones, hyperthyroidism, wounds, abrasions, breast pain, nervousness, nose bleeds, heavy menstrual pain.
Calea zacatechichi -African Dream herb-Spirit communicator-recollect dreams, and have them more frequently, fever
Chacruna dmt

Chagropanga dmt

*Datura (Jimson weed)
Haritaki-VPK= -eye wash for pink eye, King of medicines in Tibetan medicines, heals wounds, surgical dressing.  Feeds the brain, and nerves, imparting pure awareness.  Improves digestion, absorption, voice, vision, wisdom, and memory.
Hawaiian baby woodrose-lsa like lsd, connectedness, answers, teaches you everything you already know.

Intellect tree seeds-is a climbing plant native to India used as an all natural cognitive enhancer known to increase memory, intelligence and speed up analytical process.  It contributes to mental clarity and motivation.  I have noticed a euphoric feeling right after eating a handful of the seeds.  It is also known to help stomach disorders, but I have found that most of these beneficial herbs do good for the whole body.  I have also researched that it enriches the blood, helps joints, asthma, headaches, cough and are used in courts and colleges to increase brain functioning.  Intellect tree seeds are also used crushed and applied externally to ulcers.  It has been used as a rejuvenator, antidepressant, as well as for its neuro protective, antioxidant and free radical scavenging abilities.  Some say it helps with dream recall and achieving lucid states.  Other studies have shown that it can stop convulsions and reduce the heart rate.

Kratom, Green Indo-energy, euphoria, clearer thinking, addictions, relaxation, energy, weightloss, insomnia, prolonged sex, pain management, insomnia, and aiding digestion.
Maidens Waddle-dmt

Mimosa Hostilis dmt-similar to ayahuasca, used with syrian rue or peganum harmala, like low dose of mushrooms or lsd, stomach cramps for first 2 hrs, physical and mental purge, visions, can be used as an incense to induce psychedelic experience, transportation to another dimension, 5 grams is low dose, 15 is high,

*Morning glory(Heavenly Blue, Flying Saucer, Pearly Gates-facilitate connection to earth and open channel to the divine, heightened awareness.  Visual hallucinations

mimosa ophthalmocentra dried root

mimosa scabrella bark

mimosa somnians

mimosa tenuiflora-dried root bark

mimosa verrucosa root bark

mucuna(dmt) pruriens leaves stems and roots,
MUGWORT-is used for pain and healing, psychic powers, lucid dreaming, protection, tobacco replacement, colds, bath for muscle and nerve pain, peace, arthritis, insomnia, menstrual problems etc..not for pregnant women, smokeable, Astral travel and intense meaningful dreams, and ability to control and remember dreams.  Meditation, treats infertility, aids absorption of nutrients, eases child birth when used as a plaster below navel to induce labor.

Pervian Torch Cactus mesalins

pandanus-dmt in nuts

*Viola dmt –evergreen tropical tree up to 30 meters

Reed Canary Grass-dmt


Wild Asparagus root-Fly by night, journey into dimensions and places respiratory kidney tonic. Body heals mind soars
Wild lettuce-calming herb that is beneficial when smoked
Xhosa Dream Herb- vivid and prophetic dreams opens pathways of communication between one ancestors. 

gotu kola-brain tonic
blue lotus-calming

Calamus-meditation, tobacco replacement 

Yerba Santa-native american, holy herb, calming, meditation, divination, known to purify the mind,

Deer tongue-helps speech, intuition, projects the mind.

teas-haritaki, he shoo wu, calamus

Native American mixture
*Kin nick Kin-nick-with tobacco leaves for spiritual offering, also includes
Bearberry for purification(also help headaches and is antibacterial)
Deer tongue for flavor, also helps speech, used in luck for love, politics, sexual energy, healing, projects mind energy, and can awaken psychic gifts, etc.
mullein for protection(also treats asthma, coughs and ear infections)
Osha root for power and luck(also helps digestion, heartburn, headaches, and respiratory problems as well as the flu)
Red raspberry leaf to soothe throat(also a muscle relaxant, lowers blood sugar levels, and can reduce pain)
Red Willow bark for spirit communicator and protection(helps sleep, weight loss, nausea, fever, pain, arthritis, cramps and rheumatism) 

Atmagupta Mucuna Pruriens-Sexual and mood uplifter, increases sperm count and mobility, last longer sexually, balances testosterone, builds muscle, helps lactation, insomnia, deepens sleep, and energy increaser.  Annual climbing shrub found with long slender branches.  Roots also used for nerve disorders.

Pervian Torch Cactus mesalins

*Wild Asparagus root-Fly by night, journey into dimensions and places respiratory kidney tonic. Body heals mind soars

Wild lettuce-calming herb that is beneficial when smoked

Xhosa Dream Herb- vivid and prophetic dreams opens pathways of communication between one ancestors.  Has no effect on individuals not meant to be diviners.

Shilajit-substance from the himalayan mountains used for rejuvenation and longevity.

Acacia-smokeable, calming, has dmt which is produced in the brain.

Acai-antioxidant that promotes glowing skin, prevents blood clots, lowers cholesterol, improves circulation, relaxes blood vessels, has fiber. Promotes healthy hair and skin, weight loss, cellular protection, 10 times more anti-aging than grapes, prevent blood clots, improve circulation, relax the blood vessels, improves sexual and mental function, and helps digestion with powerful detox abilities. However the best benefits are reaped the day of harvest, as it is the fastest disintegrating berry. Most supplements and juices are a fluke, and can be cooked and impure.

Afghani black seed-1/2 teaspoon blended into smoothies

Ajwan-decongestant, asthma, cough, edema, flu, improves aspirations and catalyzes the ascending energies of the psyche, clears deep seated ama (body toxins). Decongestant

Alfalfa- PK-V+ -has almost every nutrient, helps arthritis and deficiencies.
Alisma bark

Aloe Vera- VPK -improves digestion and cleanses tract, rejuvenates all tissues

Asofoetida-removes impurities from digestive tract.

Arjurna-keeps heart healthy, aids broken bones and longevity.

Anise-makes coughs more effective

Arnica-speeds up recovery after surgery


Ashwagandha/Indian Ginseng/Winter Cherry-calming, lowers blood sugar and cholesterol, diminishes cancer, improves memory, reaction time and regenerates brain, nerve tonic, calming, relieves inflammation, arthritis, protects cartilage, strengthens pregnant women, potency and fertility.

Astralagus-Native to China and Mongolia. Increases Chi sperm strength, attacks tumors, immunity, heart disease, antioxidant, energy, absorption, cold, respiratory infections, helps stomach ulcers and acid indigestion, increases white blood cell count, increasing bodies resistance to bacteria and viruses, enhances chemo treatment, circulation, cholesterol, anemia, hiv/aids, and diabetis. Grow-harvest roots from 2+ year old plants no pills or tea bags.

Atmagupta Mucuna Pruriens-Sexual and mood uplifter, balances testosterone, muscle, and energy increaser.  Annual climbing shrub found with long slender branches.  Roots also used for nerve disorders.

Avena-increases sexual levels in men.

Atractylodes-muscle growth, energy, sex drive, Qi, boosts digestion, and circulation, strength of blood.

Avacados with honey – for hair and skin treatment

Bala-Nerve Health

Basil– Vk-P+ -colds, cough, sinus congestion, headaches, arthritis, mental purity, vision, energizes negative ions.


Bayberry-  KV-P+ -smoking herb, clears cough, colds, sinuses, opens the mind and senses, improves the voice and immunity.

Barbarum –

Barberry- PK- V+ -destroys Ama, or toxins and fat in the body, diabetes.




Bhrami-smokeable, alzeimers disease and memory, Revitalizes brain cells, memory, concentration, improves the mind, meditation, and balances the left and right hemispheres of the brain.  Helps give up addictions.  Cleanses the blood, kidneys, boosts immunity and sexual desire.Bilberry,

Blueberry-eye health.

Bhringaraj-longevity, calm mind, sleep, prevents and reverses greying and balding, improves complexion.

Bibhitaki-Grows hair, improves voice and vision, lungs, and digestion. Birch tree containing Chaga, the actual life force of trees, the most powerful living beings on this Earth, living longer than 10,000 years with some surpassing.  Chaga has a wide range of effects, including andy tumor activity.

Black Cohosh-mobility of sperm cells

Blessed thistle

Blue Mata

Boneset-eliminates mucus

Boswellia-joint, muscle, nerve pain and inflammation.

Botany and Vitex-boiled and used as a paste for back pain.

Boysenberries-skin glow 


*Bu gu zhi– relieves asthma, hair growth, Tones the liver and spleen, fights cancer, tones the kidneys aiding nutrient flow to hair. Treats Vitiligo and psoriasis.

Buplerum-clears liver, treats insomnia from stress.


Burdock Root- PK-V+ -As a blood purifier, burdock clears congestion in circulatory, lymphatic, respiratory, urinary systems and grows hair. Eliminates toxins from the liver and gallbladder. Treats eczema, arthritis, dandruff, diabetes, cancer and varicose veins. Can grow 5 feet tall, the root is dug up from 2 year old plants in summer.

Butchers broom –

Calamus-KV-P+ -*smoking herb* astral travel, sexual enhancement, relieves nasal congestion, bronchitis, cough, sinus headaches, deafness, coma, super calming, clears mind aiding focus, kills cravings, helps meditation, feels amazing, increases awareness, memory, purifies the brain, transmutes sexual energy and self expression. relieves shock and coma. Helps headaches, asthma sore throat, arthritis, helps stop smoking tobacco, stops cravings, increases circulation to the brain enhancing awareness, makes you feel relaxed and ready to face the day. Its called “vacha” in Ayurveda which means to speak. It is said that because of its mind clearing properties, it helps you speak the truth clearly. It also improves the voice. The leaves are sweet tasting and smelling and are cleansing to burn as a smudge!!

California poppy and cordalis –

Camallia sinises leaf


Cats claw

Cayenne-prevents congestion and headaches



Camphor- KV-P+ -bronchitis, asthma, congestion, sinus headaches, smokeable, 

perception, decongestant, opens senses, clears mind, clears headache, incense clears the atmosphere.

Chaga mushroom-tons of nutrients, most dense mushroom harvested from very old trees, can keep skin tan and protect it.

Chamomile tea

Chinese senega root-calms Spirit and quiets the Heart, clears lungs.

CHRYSANTHEMUM FLOWER- KP-V+ -tobacco replacer, calms the nerves and stimulates the senses, treats congestion, headaches, hypertension, fever,  sinusitis, headaches, toothaches, and cools the body, reduces blood pressure, improves vision, brightens eyes, is cooling to drink, eases sore throat, nose bleeds, and meditation.
Plant in early spring after danger of freezing has passed.  Like dry climates and well drained 6.5ph soil.  Need atleast 5-6 hrs of sunlight.

Codnoposis-strengthens blood and milk production.

Coltsfoot leaf-smoking herb, coughs, bronchitis, asthma




Corn flower-eye wash for pinkeye

Crampbark, prickly ash– rub into affected areas for pain relieving effects


Dandelion(Marigold)- PK-V+ -detoxes toxins, especially from a high meat or high fat diet.

Damiana-smokeable or tea, increases sexual energy, helps digestion, clears cough and depression, stablizes energy, helps metabolism, circulation, nerves, and clears the kidneys.




Devils Claw-antinflammatory, relieving joints, pain relief

Dong Quai-viability of sperm cells

Echinacea tea- PK-V+ -boosts immunity

Elderberry-prevents infection

Elecampane- KV-P+ -reduces colds, (cardiac)asthma, cough, strengthen muscles of the lungs, promoting longevity of lung tissues.

Elephants Head-smokeable

Ephedra-opens bronchial passages, deepens and intensifies breathing, drink water, for asthma, is used in inhalers.

Epimedium-stimulate sexual activity

Eupatorium-increases effect of Echinacea.Eucalyptus-inhalation of steam or essential oil for congestion

Fenugreek-helps digestion, bloating, inflammation, also externally for muscles, pain, swelling, heals heart and arteries, kidneys, bronchitis, cellulite, hernia, grows hair, helps breast feeding, ED,  slows absorption of sugars and stimulates insulin.


Fu LIng-calms the body and mind, treats insomnia and forgetfulness


Gardenia Cambodia- antioxidants and weight loss. energy, cardiovascular and digestive health

Ginko biloba-vision circulation


Gokshura (Tribulus Terrestis)-VPK -Strengthens kidneys and increases sperm. Relieves nerve and back pain, and is an aphrodisiac.  Prevents balding.  Rejuvenating and invigorating to women after child birth, strengthens reproductive system, relieves nerve and back pain, good for hair, sex drive, mood uplifting, balances hormones, increases testosterone levels

Gotu Kola-VPK+ -supports longevity, collagen repair, wrinkles, removes skin impurities, and cellulite. Increases intelligence, longevity and memory. Purifies blood and strengthens immunity. Helps skin issues like burns, eczema, and psoriasis. Anti inflammatory effects, and improves circulation by strengthening capillaries and veins, relieves arthritis. It revitalizes the nerves and brain cells, treats leprosy, skin ulcers and burns. Spiritual and rejuvenating, it develops the crown chakra, and balances the left and right hemispheres of the brain which the leaves resemble. It helps alzeimers, ADD in children as it increases the ability to focus and relax. Improves attitude, meditation, and clear dreams.Supports keratinization, the synthesis of collagen, hair and nail growth and the repair of cartilage. It removes skin impurities and helps detoxify the body, heals scars if put on skin because of the collagen binding components of the plant so it strengthens cartilage as well.  I mix ground Gotu Kola into coconut oil or another oil/mix of oils to use on my face, body, even hair, being sure to keep a lot on scars which will soon be gone.Low creeping vine reaching up to 20 inches.

Goji Berries, also known as Wolf Berries are a woody shrub with bright red berries and is also drought tolerant. Containing 11 essential vitamins, 8 polysaccharides and 22 trace minerals, Goji berries increase white blood cells ability to fight disease and eat bacteria, protects from most cancers, Alzheimer’s disease, and Arthritis. They contain MORE IRON THAN MEAT, MORE CAROTENE THAN CARROTS, 500 times more vitamin C per weight than an orange, protein, fiber, boosts immunity, longevity, every amino acid, high energy, more athletic, better sleep, UV skin protection, relief from headaches and the leaves are good in soup and also full of nutrients. They increase naturally occurring interleukin in the blood by 58%, making the white blood cells more effective in eating bacteria and fungus in the blood, calm and destress, help fertility, sharpen mental acuity, supplement eyesight and increase focus.  Best fresh, they can grow in U.S, survive freezing and droughts. 

I never liked the dried berries, however, I love them fresh.  They are more likely healthier fresh, but right now growing them is the only way to find fresh berries.  They will likely become more common!! 

Grapeseed extract-inhibit swelling and inflammation, good for the heart

Green tea


Guggulu-pain and inflammation

Gurman-calms appetite, nerves, stops diabetes.

*Helichrysum Italicum Flower-wrinkles, eczema, bruises, cuts, burns, uplift subconsciousness and memory, heals varicose veins and smooths cellulite.

Hemp seeds-longer stronger hair and nails, perfects skin issues when eaten or when using the oil externally.  Helps eczema because of Omegas.perfect omega balance

*HE SHOU WU- PV-K+ -Keeps hair dark and growing thick.  Fertility, revitalizes liver, kidneys, and nervous system.  It strengthens the blood, sperm, muscles, tendons, and bones, revitalizes liver and kidneys, and makes hair grow, longevity, circulatory, lymphatic, respiratory and urinary systems, eliminating toxins, and cancer.

Hibiscus Flowers-help make mantras fruitful and enhance attention in meditation.  Purify the blood and heart, both physically and spiritually and promote hair growth and skin complexion




Horny goat weed-Semen count

Horse chestnut-tones the walls of the veins, reduces cough, arthritis, bruises, cellulite, swollen ankles, varicose veins and wrinkles.

Horsetail-hair growth

Huai Niuxi


ibogaine-opium addictions, common cure for addiction, helps calm the mind and let go of inner issues.

Indian gooseberry

Indian Sarsaparilla-smokeable

Indian Tobacco-smokeable

Indian Warrior-smokeable, relaxing

Irish Moss-VP-K+ – removes toxic accumulations in the lungs.

Iporuru-increases sperm




Kambucha-aides liver and cancer prevention.

Kava kava-relaxes skeletal muscles.


Kipikacchu- KV-P= -Increases sexual energy, strengthens reproductive system and in turn revitalizes the whole body.  Lengthens sexual stamina, helps asthma and is a bronchodialater.  Is good with rice.

Krishna tulsi

Kutki-supports liver, boosts immunity, prevents cancer, arthritis, heart attacks and lowers cholesterol preventing stroke, improves eyesight, purifies the body aiding hair growth.


Lemon balm


Lettuce Opium-smokeable

Licorice-coughs, asthma, heartburn, pms, hot flashes, canker sores, depression, virus and fungal infections, immunity, potency

Lobellia-smokeable Tobacco replacement, physical relaxant

Maconha Brava-smokeable

Marigold-helps remember dreams

Marjoram leaves-Tobacco replacement

Manjishtha-purifies blood, liver, kidneys, scabies, psoriasis, eczema, acne, and depigmentation, rejuvenates female reproductive system.


Masha, known as black gram– can be used as a massage oil to relieve joint pain, inflammation, paralysis, and pacify the vata dosha.



Meliot-anxiety and insomnia

Mexican Arragoon-smokeable

Milk thistle and blessed thistle-increases milk flow, purifies body

Mimosa tree bark/leaves-mood enhancer, spiritual uplifter, purifier, cleanse heart, liver, eased muscle discomfort, swelling, burns, cleanses germs, stops bleeding, reduce infection, relieve cough, soothes irritation, relieves toothache, stimulates skin elastin and collagen, boosts immunity, helps insomnia, digestion,

Morinda-sexual health

Motherwort-recovers uterus, strengthens heart and circulation.

Moringa-reduces blood sugar, anti-oxidant rich, drought tolerant, is fighting malnutrition, cleanses water, protects meat from oxidizing, 17 times more calcium than milk, 25 times more iron than spinach, 10 times more beta carotene than carrots, 7 times the VC or oranges, 4 times the protein of eggs also containing every amino acid for tissue growth, reduces cholesterol, anti-cancer properties for liver, lung, ovarian and skin cancers, speeds the healing of injuries, arthritis, energy, digestion, immunity to help fight toxins from pollution or stress, increase breast milk which the effects of calcium supplements come no where near, improves kidney and thyroid function, sleep, hair growth, mood, sex drive, blood circulation, wrinkles, and other skin issues.  So pretty much everything. 

Mucuna Pruriens-brain function, boosts mood, sexuality, and movement, anti-depressant, maintains testosterone levels, increasing libido in women and men, and muscle mass and strength. Increases mental capacity and strength.

Mullein-smokeable or tea to soothe sore throat and mucus, migraine, headaches, clears cough, euphoric

Mulberry-strengthens eyesight, kidneys, immunity, digestion, metabolism of alcohol, child birth, surgery or sickness restoration, lowers cholestorol and blood sugar, and prevents cancer.  9 grams of protein in 3 ounces, nutrient rich in iron, calcium, A, C, E, k, Folate, thiamine, pyridoxine, niacin, fiber, antioxidants like resveratrol to promote heart health and overall vibrance, polynutrients like anthocyanin, flavonoids, lultein, zea-xanthin, B carotene and A carotene.  Cleanses blood, reduces risk of blood clots and stroke, cleanses liver, prevents colds, controls blood sugar, clears and rejuvenates skin, hair follicles, prevents greying, and strengthens hair.

Muira puama-libido and erection strength

Myhrr-KV-P+ -prevents and reverses aging, purifies body and mind, smokeable, expels mucus, rejuvenates the mind.




Nettle leaf-stimulating, smokeable



Osha-prevents flu

Opuntsa vulgaris


Parrots Beak-relaxes

MJ* Parsley-skin repair

Passion flower-sexually relaxing, relaxation and pain relief, can be smoked

Pennyroyal- VK-P+ -eases colds, fever, headaches, menstruation, nerves  transmutes female energy, and is anti-venomous properties

Pigeon pea

Pine pollen-women enhancer, source of testosterone, builds immunity, strength, is anti aging.

Prickly Ash- VK-P+ -destroys toxins and increases peripheral circulation, antiarthritic 

Pygellum-Improves sexual function, urinary problems,

Red clover- PK-V+ -purifies blood in situations where patient is weak, increases fertility, bone mass, helps coughs, asthma, bronchitis, colds, eczema, acne, cancers, circulation, prevents blood clots, keeps skin young,

Red gram

Red Poppy Pedals-smokeable

Red Rasberry-strengthens pelvic muscles.

Rehmannia-strengthens kidneys, bones and adrenal glands, toning the blood, arthritis, anemia, supplements blood.  Enhances fertility has an anti-imflammatory effect on the body.

Rooibos-eye health and keep vision, rich in cancer fighting antioxidants such as aspalathin(only found in rooibos and red beech), protects against macular degeneration, parkinsons disease, insomnia, improves blood circulation, settles stomach, reduces spasms.

***Rosemary-as inhalant, known to soothes headaches, congestion and calms the mind.  Prevents cancer(breast, prostate, colon, tumors, leukemia, and skin cancers).  Enhances memory, has neuroprotective properties known to protect again Alzheimer’s Disease.  Eases migraines, arthritis, sore muscles, and other joint and muscle pains.  Helps inflammation, immunity, is antibacterial, helps digestion, circulation, breath, bloating, water retention, respiratory health, congestion, liver problems, prevents liver damage, is anti-aging, reduce puffiness, stimulate cell regeneration, increases firmness, and improves skin tone.  Pregnant women should avoid using large amounts of rosemary.

Rose/hips water-tones the skin




Sassafrass Root-menstration pain

Satuabe-increases sexual interest

Schisandria-increases sexual energy and functions


*Shattavari- PV-K+ -Queen of herbs, “who possesses a hundred husbands” rejuvenate for the female, supports breast milk, massage for stiff joints, improves eyesight, good for menopause, cooling, nourishes female reproductive system, relieves pms pain, supplies female hormones,  cleanses blood and reproductive organs.

Sheep sorrel

Siberian Ginseng-increases sex drive


Skullcap-marijuana replacer and legal relative, calming, clears inhibitions

Slippery elm bark


Stinging nettle-keeps testosterone levels active in women

St. Johns wort-relieves spinal nerves, pain, inflammation and time spent asleep

Sweet Cicili

Sweet grass-smokeable

**Sugandi-Originated in India but known to be grown in Asia, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Sri Lanka.  It eases mind, rashes, stomach, increase lactation, purifies blood, induces trance states and deep meditation, clarify and prepare mind for dream world, deeper sleep, more lucidity, over all digestion, libido, sexual performance, prevents miscarriage.  It’s given to children to ease diarrhea, cough and fever.  It is also used for treating high blood pressure, epileptic seizures, asthma, bronchitis, arthritis and immune disorders.  Native Himalayan people and other places in India are known to grind dried Sugandi roots/leaves and mix with Holy Basil, Bel Fruit, Blue Lotus, Katuka, and Safflower for a herbal smoke blend to induce visions and profound waking dream states.  Increases euphoria, relaxation, dream frequency, mental clarity and focus if drank as a tea before bed.


Tilden flowers-relieves headache and scratchy throat

Tobacco-opens yourself up to the invisible force that rules over the universe
tong kat ali not from Malaysia

Triphala-Literally means three fruits.  Triphala is known to balance the doshas, therefor balancing you emotionally, physically and spiritually.  Mix of Amla, Haritaki, and Bibhitaki.  It is known to improve circulation, cleanse the liver, purify the blood, improve gallbladder function, rejuvenate the kidneys(is prescribed for kidney stones), enhance digestion, remove toxins supporting weightloss, enhances fertility, promote hair growth, glowing skin, improving eyes, helps vata reproductive health however should not be consumed while pregnant.  Its antibacterial and antiviral properties improve overall immunity.  It has a broad range of benefits but overall restores ones balance and clear out blockages so energy is channeled better.

To take the powder, put about a spoonful into a cup of hot water and stir, leaving the mixture for atleast 30 minutes, or even up to a day.  Drink the liquid, leaving the herbs at the bottom.  I have read to pour more water into the same herbs but I am not sure about that until I try it!

This mix, as well as other detox herbs and programs have been known to cause what’s known as “healing crisis”.  This means that when certain foods and herbs get introduced to the body, accumulated toxins get stirred up.  This can result in headaches, fatigue, nausea, aches, fever, and anxiety.

Tumeric-Curcumin, increases supplement absorbtion, uvitis, inflammation
Turkey tail-cancer, boosts immunity, energy, combats congestion, urinary infections, and liver ailments.


Tu chung-energizes muscles and relieves pain in back, and supplements skin

Tu si zi-supplements kidneys and liver, treats premature ejaculation, sore back, skin, blurry vision, dry eyes, stabilizes pregnancy,

Uva ursi-Phycic workings, relaxing tobacco substitute



Vidanga-strengthens digestion, helps eliminate toxins and appetite.



*White Musali-can be taken with its relative, Shatavari for nourishing the fetus during pregnancy, postpartum for promoting the production and flow of breast milk.  Increases and strengthens reproductive tissue for males and females.Wild Dagga-Cannabis substitute

White Willow-inflammation and pain

Wild Lettuce-visions and aid vivid dreams, also for rituals

*Wild Yam-Increases breast milk, increases fertility and chances of more eggs, rejuvenates female reproductive system, harmonizes digestion, cramps, boosts potency, and sex drive.


Wood Betony-Migranes, anxiety, ward off evil.


Wormwood-smokeable, relaxed sense of wellbeing, more dreams, increases contractions, heal wounds, insect bites, repels insects, improves liver, sexual desire, fever, parasites, digestion, digestive tissues, should be used on occasion.


Yerba Anise

Yerba Santa-native american, holy herb, calming, meditation, divination, sweetness(known to purify the mind, emotions, and spirit, increase empowerment, courage, awaken beauty and love, help expression, treats asthma, headaches, bronchial conditions, and externally to relieve pain and wounds.)

Yohimbie-blood flow


*Amaliki-keeps hair and nails growing, rebuilds and maintains new tissues and red blood cells, strengthens teeth, cleanses mouth, nourishes bones, improves eyesight, longevity tree, cleanses mouth, strengthens teeth, nourishes bones, and causes nails and hair to grow.  3000mg of Vitamin C per Fruit, of the highest sources!  Gives good fortune, love and longevity.  Improves eyesight.

Haritaki-clears digestion tract, regulates bowel movements and purifies the body.



Reishi-helps stop progression liver tumors

Scabies mites-Clove (6%) in coconut oil, and tea tree oil both kill them.  Cover body completely and stand 30 minutes before dressing.
Rosemary, eucalyptus, and neem disorient the mites.

Diotomaceous Earth for clothes, carpet and furnature.  A small amount drank daily or weekly as a supplement is known to cleanse digestive tract and kill parasites in most animals.  A small amount can be used as a tooth polish.

Carnelain crystal
Clear quarts and Selenite-place them on back or under and carry them around.
Smoky quarts
black tourmaline
garnet crystal-abundance
Nasya-Nasal cleansing
Steam inhalations and teas with Eucalyptus, elderberry, and anise.
Grounding Crystals to ground you to the Earth

Beeswax candles-negative ions good for air

areca palm-oxygen factory

mother in laws tounge- creates oxygen at night

Household Cleaning Naturally, Insects repellent for homes, skin, animals, outdoors.

General Cleaning-4 drops of rosemary, 8 drops of lemon, 6 drops of eucalyptus, 8 drops of lavender, qt of water.

Natural Dog and Cat food-corn bread with meat drippings 

Composting/Adding Nutrients to the Garden
Food scraps and most kitchen scraps can go to feed the worms.  Every month rotate the soil gently.  Every six months, change the soil out.  Use the old worm bed as your fertilizer!!  It takes them about a month to migrate to their new home which you should put nearby where they can cross over.

My Story

I began this journey because I wanted full vitality, confidence/freedom in my body and mentality, to feel and look sexier and utilize powerful sexual states for transformation.  It has been a long search through the misconceptions of the health and general world.  My current practice has transformed as much as I have.  I know true healing to be a state of sensuality, relaxation, and invigorating to the body, mind and spirit.  I realized when I was very focused on rejuvenating myself, I was attracting more reasons to rejuvenate.  I noticed normal massage clients coming back week after week with the same issues while the Tantra clients got healthier coming more alive literally.  I noticed lack of feeling the ecstatic energy of being in my higher power and higher self(feeling super in tune, healthy, alive, motivated.. almost superhuman) while following the rules and routines of typical society.  So here my aim is to…

*Be in the energy of which we want to manifest vs trying to fix problems.  To feel ecstatic, practice feeling ecstatic.  Anyone can be naturally ecstatic but most of us do the opposite all day.

So that said….my current projects are as follows!

*Vancien Tantra Youtube-I will have information here for those who want respect as far as not wanting nudity.  I have full guides in the making solely for information and coaching so please check back.

*This is for me to practice and share what I am working on while editing projects and sharing more real and personal progress.  I enjoy this and want to do this through being transparent and value the relationship with everyone who is also looking to achieve this level of self care/development.   I decided and have literally seen by experimentation how I felt the most ecstatic and achieved the most progress…and it was not by worrying about anything outside of me or any insecurities what so ever.  The focus is very non physical.  The comfort/relaxation techniques, herbs, art etc are simply tools to effect the state of mind.

There are many little sayings and slogans out there that sum of tantra in a nutshell..

“As within, so without”

“What you feel, you manifest”

“Our outer world is a reflection of our inner world”

“When you stop giving a damn, thats when you get it”

“If the thought was important, it will come back”

“Successful people invest time and energy in improving themselves.  The best way to help someone in need is to not be someone in need.  Help yourself so your in a position to help someone else out!” -Grant Cardone

“The world treats you how you treat yourself”


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Screen Shot 2018-08-12 at 1.15.51 AM

I grew up with anxiety and depression but in a normal upbringing.I knew little about sex, was exposed to porn a few times, and had a sexual experience at a young age.I never understood it’s okay and even empowering to for us and those we are around to say no or express our own questions and boundaries.I didn’t learn this until much later, around 28.After a life of attracting confusing, dark situations, I learned most sexual problems emotional or physical, were a result of lack of self care, inner awareness, pleasure and inner strength. This helped me in my own empowerment.I learned that when we cultivate our own inner wisdom, pleasure and sensitivity to energy, we don’t look to anyone for anything.And we gain deeper understanding and are able to actually loveand give unconditionally.Growing up, I never enjoyed or looked forward to anything, especially growing up.Now that I understand a lot more about sex, and how this should be a part of my life, I feel the clouds of my childhood finally lifted.I have been processing many things relating to this all of 2018.I had to try and look in the future and think to myself.When people are spiritually advanced, they would be more attuned to someones energy and what is seen or heard.This by they way makes giving feel so good.But a lot of insecurities and focus on the physical become nonexistent.I am working to fully realize and live this now, as this is the way to feeling our true power and strength.

I just have to take a second and look at how far I have come…2007-2017 I was confused by shaming and competition…and now I am growing so fast and feel so much pleasure I almost can’t believe that was me.

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