Sex Enhancement Orgasm Control

Clear body and Mind to clearly access activation and awareness

Stillness and flow (great for kids body awareness learning all intricate muscles and care)- new sensations and discoveries about our body/mind can happen when least expected

Prolonged breath and techs like sessions like getting paid. Routine including intricate activated muscles helps this!

Inner muscles activated

Outer pressure points –

Astral is very important for elevated states of mind

Orgasm reps for stronger longer

1- full activation body/mind org reps hands off


dance bridge feet

But flexes rolls circles

Stomach rolls pull in

All techs all activated. Reps in anything that balances you

Arch back

-the doing them harder and deeper emphasis on breath desires -astral sensations and power muscles with intricate full body

Enjoyment of breath body sporg

Mastered symmetrical touch with orgasm!!!!

In nature moonlight using above techs I ejaculated like a thick spout of water it came from very very deep inside me

I am fully aligned activated and alive.

Session routine 1+hrs sleep relaxed long videos for entering states. (Progress/journey)

Longer present reps elsewhere to ingrain flow trance discipline

Health for Kids

I had a lot of issues when I was little that I am JUST NOW Figuring out. At 30 years old…and even harder fixing them now and not then. Bed wetting, trouble breathing, depression. Doctors shoved catheters up my private parts as a child. Didn’t help. They did a nose surgery(can’t think of the name right now). Didn’t help. In fact made the issues worse! 2017 I met a Native American guide. Since then have sat in the fresh air and quiet in the dark. I realized I was achieving a lot of mental clarity but had no idea the things in my body that I would discover. It took me this long to find because the parts of my body that weren’t working..had been that way maybe since I was born. Realizing parts of the body are uneven or not working can be a lot and happens when least expected usually in sensory deprivation(silence away from distraction)! Eventually I realized my whole right side of my face lungs and genitals were literally dying. I noticed different parts over time. First my lower abdomen and lower areas-these became uneven very early and I had to brush it off because these parts are BAD and no one had the answers anyways apparently. Then months later I realized it extended up to my right nostril . My right side of nose dipped in and was deteriorating like the rest of my right side. In quiet I realized the muscles needed activation. The other side strong and full of new blood and oxygen and nourishment and looked/felt much better. My point is kids need some body awareness/meditation early. These 30 years would have been as blissful as when I hold my right nostril shut now. Feeling balanced. Nourished. I shouldn’t be discovering this at 30! For 2 years I have been working on this. And fixing 30 years of non use of something is just… words to describe what it’s been like. (Had breathing stuff going on all night so still up..I don’t even know if I have found all issues. Right now a way to close my left nostril so the other side can get reps and flexes in is what I’m getting results with…In stillness I can feel what’s going on and have guidance. Stillness, rejuvenation and quiet has been almost unattainable though. Attention is energy. That’s how this was even discovered. Addressing these things with clear focus. If you sit and focus on it eventually it gets figured out. Society doesn’t want this. I feel like I’m at war to heal this. Yet I see many people walking around with some imbalance going on. Likely from when they were little too. I thought about plastic surgery then thankfully realized balancing out the muscles and awareness would change things a lot! All because I was forced to sit and find it in living in car/tent. These were the most healing experiences of my life. After barbaric treatments from doctors. The moon and stars had more insight. So feel no choice but to share. My body and mind have been evening out literally! My childhood depression and anxiety solved. At 30.

My Sexual Health Story

I found when around 30 that only one side of Yoni worked and did notice this start to show when I was about 10 years old when one side started appearing different than the other.  Instead of doing this amazing therapy I pulled the skin..  After 6 months of practice I have just began activating this side which has cleared my body in crazy ways as well as transformed the genitals and lower abdomen.  It has also surpassed and eased any breath work I have ever done.  Having this as a child resulted in bed wetting until a late age that contributed to many things I am have been healing lately.  I learned that it wasn’t just one side of the genitalia that was not working, but the entire right pelvic and lower abdomen regions.  I noticed this after many of my bodies attempts at getting my awareness here.  After injuries, the skin appearing different on this side, multiple illnesses and symptoms on THIS SIDE I finally found that this level of body awareness was the answer to them all.  Yes yoga helps.  Yes eating plants help.  But with this level of awareness, the results are on another level.