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This is a Tantric rundown of all the techniques.  I use them all to be in an orgasmic state no matter what I am doing, as over the months it does become more natural.  I included a guide on how I hone in on desires for ritual and get motivation through orgasmic micro dosing.  A lot of these are very intricate techniques, that make a women’s (or mans) body perk up and energize.  This has come together through a lifetime search for vitality and orgasmic states of mind, over 10 years of massage work, self practice, living in nature and working with tantric/psychic clients.   I can not recite all this information in sessions.  I do offer discounts for clients who have gone through my online training!!



*Retain Youth

*Ecstatic Birth

*Channel more energy for more intense experiences

*Hacks to enhance blood flow and stimulation

*Last longer, and enter a bliss full erotic flow

*Gain Energy and Body Glow/Vitality    

*Body/Mind Balance    

*Motor function, Flexibility and Mobility 


*Erotic Manifesting    

*Enhance Intuition 


-Rejuvenation techniques for any body part.

-Ecstatic Fast Track-Orgasmic Microdosing

-Sex Enhancement, retain youth, heal PE and DE and keep sexual organs strong.

-Giving Pleasure-Lingham and Yoni Worship

-Erotic Manifesting-Using erotic energy for creativity, focus and motivation.




Tantric Enhancement Sessions

Sessions can be any of the following

*consultations  *Tantric rituals/meditations  *yoga/Ayurvedic rejuvenation practice

Practice and Inspiration for…

Feeling and Giving More Pleasure

Natural Body/Mind Enhancement with Ayurveda, Reiki and Tantra

Natural Blissful States, Ritual Art, Tantric Manifesting-“As within so without”

Fitness and full body vitality

Reclaiming empowerment, freedom of expression, masculine/feminine energy, inner enjoyment.

Inner pleasure and awareness are the secrets to inner power and having the ability to give unconditionally.  This is easier said than done.  It takes a lot of cultivation of inner pleasure/awareness by time meditating, and practicing selfless giving.  This is something few are actually ready for.  It is something only you can gain for yourself, no one will give it to you.  Like tantric enhancement, rejuvenation and exercise and cultivation of your energy is done as a lifestyle.  Usually after learning this the hard way we eventually find ways to heal or empower ourselves.  This is for those ready to be dedicated to their inner development as a lifestyle.  Relying on therapists is asking for fish.  This is learning to fish.  Ecstatic states enhance intuition, body awareness and manifestation/magnetism powers…these states allow us to learn how to listen to our body and intuition, heal root causes, manifest desires and new ways of being and ultimately put therapists(and many industries) out of work.(thanks again for the support-Youtube and similar sites advertisers have disabled me from starting revenue over a year ago which has been a challenge and eye opener)

This is no touch, self healing for those ready to learn themselves to to live this life.

Sessions will include herbal teas, ritual setting and tools, pillows, blankets etc.  I ask 100 per hour currently for this coaching/practice.

The end goal is orgasmic life..it starts with practice of techniques then transforms into feeling ecstatic..more and more naturally….I want to document this journey as my beginning videos are very close to typical routines, then as I progress the rituals become more blissful with more advanced/yet relaxed techniques.

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Youth Beauty Fitness Alignment Empowerment Sexual Enhancement Vitality Erotic Transformation

Intricate Full Mind/Body/Soul Self Care Sex Preparation Confidence

-get more confident with body..we are the art

-focused dedicated care and on transformation..our bodies completely rejuvenate every cell every few months I think!!  Transformation is real and very possible.  Yonis will perk up and look amazing(and stimulated) usually after just a few minutes of rejuvenation techniques. But when people are more spiritually in tune with themselves and energy(how someone feels) this is what they focus on, the physical becomes a drop in the ocean.  I am still fully deciding how confident I want to be with this free and nudity aspect.  Something is telling me to not give a__.  I decided fully taking care of myself with out any worries is all I have time for these days.  Society is robbing us and I don’t want to look back in 10 years when no one cares about nudity like damn I could have been feeling ecstatic and taking amazing care of myself at the same time?!  Blow up a picture of my asshole and try to get it onto the news for all I care.  My focus is on helping people who have more important things to worry about than appearances.  I choose now to not limit myself with insecurities of the physical and material world.

rejuv techniques for yoni-Same for full body LINKS

-erotic meditations for beauty worship-grow hair skin nails vitality

-ecstatic (Goddess training) workouts

-tantric dance


*We can only give to others what we have given ourself.

*The most stimulated people cultivate their own inner pleasure, awareness and empowerment.  They don’t need anyone’s help to feel amazing.  It becomes just an extra thing.  Loving unconditionally with no expectation becomes easier and funner.  Also they also learn to set very healthy(and only ecstatic) boundaries for themselves once their standard is self care and development.

I noticed I transformed that fasted when I would do photoshoots, or mirror workouts.  I found this was because I was in the end result energy…which is the most powerful.

Rejuvenation Techniques

Daily Rejuvenation Technique Rundown

I have the below techniques written, and up in my home where I see it and go by it.  This can be referred back to when I mention rejuvenation techniques.  These all qualify.  You would be surprised what qualifies as a rejuvenation technique.  At times giving myself a back massage on the floor helps, and a couple times I while doing healing work on my mom, I would grab her by the shoulders and give her a little shake lol.  She said it actually felt good.  I just got the random urge to do it and it was effective.  It is very easy when in tune with rejuvenating self to come across random things that work amazing that no one ever told us.  One thing I found lately is using a small round tool, like the end of a skinny make up brush. and using it to massage into the muscles.  It went places my fingers couldn’t go!  It was like muscle flossing!  Unheard of..to me anyways.  You will be surprised at the things we can do for ourselves and others even if we just shake em out!  Anyways this list is growing faster than I can keep track of so check back later and I encourage you to copy the below techniques onto a word document or in writing..then add some things to customize it!

2 glasses of Water upon waking to give your system a cleansing bath and lubrication. Glass or copper, iron containers instead of plastic or aluminum.  Certain people will benefit from different materials.  Ghee can be cooked with or taken as a supplement – Closest thing to our natural fats inside our body, I use coconut oil as well.

Shower or Herbal Bath to cleanse energies.  Smudges.

Deep breath and tantric exercises early to kick start energy flow and circulation

Plant Nutrients-Drink Herbal Teas and Blended Fruits/Veggies      Atmosphere-plants, rocks, candles, and/or running water, any other items, be sure they help you manifest.  Live Plants to clean the air and add good energy and healing sights/smells.

Loosen up the Body and Relax the Mind        Stretch           Yoga/Compress    

Movement-Breath Dance, Chi Gong, Yoga, wake up body and mind, clench muscles to refresh body.

LEILA BELLY-Breathe as deep as you can, filling up your lower abdomen.  Feel it pushing the circulation through out the body.

BHASTRIKA-BREATH OF FIRE-Inhale normally.  Exhale with a little more force each time.  You will feel the air going deeper and deeper into your lungs.  This cleans the lungs and is known to increases lung capacity.

PRANYAMA-Close one nostril with your finger.  Breath through the other and notice how it it draws your attention inward.  

SQUEEZE DIAPHRAM ON EXHALE-This will help to push energy throughout the body.

Journal     Reading    Writing to clear mind, track progress and dreams/meditation experiences to analyze now and later.

DAILY Abhyanga Self Massage face body head feet arms
Preferably after shower, rub oil over preferably entire body.  Go toward the heart to aid circulation.  Spend extra time around joints which can have some hard to reach areas.

Legs Feet Health-lay on back with feet in air. Rub feet together focusing on massaging and releasing any pressure/refreshing blood.

Hang upside down and reach for toes.  Massage head doing little circles and towards the heart.  Hold pressure on areas you feel need.  Breathe deep. 

*If you take in as much air as you can and then hold a pressure point, it makes it 10x more invigorating!

INVERSIONS-Hanging upside down like when touching the toes, in upside down yoga poses or inversion tabes can have rejuvenating effect on entire body, the gravity is literally reversed so everything is being refreshed!

HOT TO COLD OR COLD TO HOT-this has an amazing refreshing effect…renewal.

Exfoliate                            Tea infused steam Baths      

Tantric Meditation

Ps-nose can have some pressure points around it that can do wonders for sinuses.

Put tip of tongue behind top upper teeth for deeper meditation.  Look up at center of forehead.  Meditate.  Breathe.

Relax and Align to desired frequency.  Do any mix of the techniques above to get more in tune with your entire being remembering to feel frequency and or affirmations, mantras, or clear channeling states(if you want ideas or visuals, inspiration for something or am working with something/someone particularly..

Atmosphere-I would recommend Feng Shui as this is all about states of mind.  The main things I use from this are using natural elements like rocks, water, fire decorations(which are powerful ritual objects-Nature is the ultimate symbol of abundance) and symmetrical home settings/decor.

Clear energy with sage or pure herbal incense.  Take a shower to cleanse any energies absorbed throughout the day.

Loosen up and relax with any of the techniques above and whatever you feel needed.

Lay/sit symmetrical and comfortable to where you can feel the most ALIGNED.  Flex pelvic muscles, breath deep using some examples below, feel energy rushing through out body to help blood blow.  Tell each body part to relax to help go deeper and deeper.

BREATH-Deep relaxation is the key, so any of the previous breath exercises or a combination work.  But to get very relaxed, try leila belly, where the lower abdomen is filled with as much air as possible.  But do this very, very slowly through the nostrils releasing through the mouth.  Then in Tantric states I find it most beneficial to get the breathing as relaxed and in sync with the body and possible, like sleep breathing where the body is fully focused on breathing…these in the moment states is where most powerful tantric experiences happen!  Relieve tensed areas to go even deeper!

Now that deeply relaxed, clear, and channeling the energy of your choice, say some affirmations in this place and let visualizations epiphanies come.  You are in a powerful manifesting place!  This is witchcraft! ;p In Tantra just be conscious to be channeling your chosen energy/vibrations and affirmations when in most ecstatic trances<3  This is how to attract is more and get clearer insights/inspirations and sensations regarding this said energy.  Choose yourself and don’t let outside influences like society, social media, tv etc choose for you.

Enjoy and cultivate this self indulgence and powerful state of being…it makes it much easier to be fully present for others.  This will also help your interactions with others especially partner.  In manifesting I would recommend self development focus more that relationship as these are just reflections of our relationship to ourself.  Who ever you attract will treat you how you treat yourself in a way, and could possibly be the thing that makes you value the relationship to yourself.  Are you fully loving every part of your being, living only your deepest souls desires with personal balance?  Expect the same from the Youniverse!

With making others feel good this can only go as far as you have treated yourself.  Using the above techniques to practice AND be FULLY present…doesn’t happen overnight.  But the upside is it is ultimately practicing intricate, intuitive care and development with present selfless energy….pouring with bliss!