Sex Enhancement Orgasm Control

Clear body and Mind to clearly access activation and awareness

Stillness and flow (great for kids body awareness learning all intricate muscles and care)- new sensations and discoveries about our body/mind can happen when least expected

Prolonged breath and techs like sessions like getting paid. Routine including intricate activated muscles helps this!

Inner muscles activated

Outer pressure points –

Astral is very important for elevated states of mind

Orgasm reps for stronger longer

1- full activation body/mind org reps hands off


dance bridge feet

But flexes rolls circles

Stomach rolls pull in

All techs all activated. Reps in anything that balances you

Arch back

-the doing them harder and deeper emphasis on breath desires -astral sensations and power muscles with intricate full body

Enjoyment of breath body sporg

Mastered symmetrical touch with orgasm!!!!

In nature moonlight using above techs I ejaculated like a thick spout of water it came from very very deep inside me

I am fully aligned activated and alive.

Session routine 1+hrs sleep relaxed long videos for entering states. (Progress/journey)

Longer present reps elsewhere to ingrain flow trance discipline

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