My Sexual Health Story

I found when around 30 that only one side of Yoni worked and did notice this start to show when I was about 10 years old when one side started appearing different than the other.  Instead of doing this amazing therapy I pulled the skin..  After 6 months of practice I have just began activating this side which has cleared my body in crazy ways as well as transformed the genitals and lower abdomen.  It has also surpassed and eased any breath work I have ever done.  Having this as a child resulted in bed wetting until a late age that contributed to many things I am have been healing lately.  I learned that it wasn’t just one side of the genitalia that was not working, but the entire right pelvic and lower abdomen regions.  I noticed this after many of my bodies attempts at getting my awareness here.  After injuries, the skin appearing different on this side, multiple illnesses and symptoms on THIS SIDE I finally found that this level of body awareness was the answer to them all.  Yes yoga helps.  Yes eating plants help.  But with this level of awareness, the results are on another level.


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