Youth Beauty Fitness Alignment Empowerment Sexual Enhancement Vitality Erotic Transformation

Intricate Full Mind/Body/Soul Self Care Sex Preparation Confidence

-get more confident with body..we are the art

-focused dedicated care and on transformation..our bodies completely rejuvenate every cell every few months I think!!  Transformation is real and very possible.  Yonis will perk up and look amazing(and stimulated) usually after just a few minutes of rejuvenation techniques. But when people are more spiritually in tune with themselves and energy(how someone feels) this is what they focus on, the physical becomes a drop in the ocean.  I am still fully deciding how confident I want to be with this free and nudity aspect.  Something is telling me to not give a__.  I decided fully taking care of myself with out any worries is all I have time for these days.  Society is robbing us and I don’t want to look back in 10 years when no one cares about nudity like damn I could have been feeling ecstatic and taking amazing care of myself at the same time?!  Blow up a picture of my asshole and try to get it onto the news for all I care.  My focus is on helping people who have more important things to worry about than appearances.  I choose now to not limit myself with insecurities of the physical and material world.

rejuv techniques for yoni-Same for full body LINKS

-erotic meditations for beauty worship-grow hair skin nails vitality

-ecstatic (Goddess training) workouts

-tantric dance


*We can only give to others what we have given ourself.

*The most stimulated people cultivate their own inner pleasure, awareness and empowerment.  They don’t need anyone’s help to feel amazing.  It becomes just an extra thing.  Loving unconditionally with no expectation becomes easier and funner.  Also they also learn to set very healthy(and only ecstatic) boundaries for themselves once their standard is self care and development.

I noticed I transformed that fasted when I would do photoshoots, or mirror workouts.  I found this was because I was in the end result energy…which is the most powerful.


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