How to Give a Pleasurable Tantric Massage

Tantric Massage

Practicing on yourself be it tantric massage, abhyanga daily massage, energy healing or whatever you need.  After giving massage, I would rejuvenate myself.  In doing this I would get better and better at pinpointing where the tension was and eliminating it.  Practice more to transmute this energy and learning to give Reiki or Tantra spiritual sensations will be cake!  Combine techniques even.  Imagine and feel the desired result.  This will aid in giving a well rounded, mind blowing, and transformational experience to others!  The mind is a powerful tool for the giver and receiver.  Our thoughts have been proven to influence others.  Getting aligned to a higher vibration is healing and lets you emit that back to others.  Ask higher vibration to assist.  Imagine improvement and improved state, focus on higher energy and the end result, not the temporary problem.  Energies absorb each other so introduce a high vibrational frequency which will stimulate transformation.  Focus on breath and tuning into good energy throughout sessions.  Even focusing on good or therapeutic images.  The deeper the relaxation the more powerful the transformative effects will be.  You can imagine explosions of light in different areas of the body, I have literally heard a number of visualization examples. 

The best oils to use are any plant based edible unrefined oils that call to you.  My favorites are hemp, thc, and sesame oils for the results I experience.  But there are many different oils.  I always switch and try different ones to let my skin absorb the different nutrients and benefits each has to offer.  We are made up of many different nutrients.  It is similar to my diet, I want a wide range of nutrients for my skin!

Set atmosphere, relax, and breathe deep and steady.  Rub oil all over receiver to caress the entire body and spread oil evenly so there aren’t pauses later to get more.  This is also a good warm up for the givers hands and the receivers body.  Begin by massaging body, reducing tightness in sore areas for deeper relaxation.  Few people prefer light brushing and massage movements.  I would ask how they like the pressure to be safe.  Towards the heart is known to be very effective by utilizing the bodies circulation system.  Also “clean up” around the joints.  This is recommended in Ayurveda to be done daily.  You can also apply pressure at the base of the skull, circling towards the heart.  Apply a little pressure between the eye brows.  Some people will benefit from this more and want it a lot harder and in different surrounding areas.  If thats the case massaging this area may be very beneficial to them.  It will likely seem to be swollen.  If not the case move on to drawing a spiral out from the center of the forehead just above the eyebrows.  This is said to open the third eye and is very stimulating.  For me I notice after doing this 3 second ritual, my neck and back loosen dramatically.  Then starting from the center of the head with both pointer fingers, move outward.  You can also do light tapping with fingertips to enhance stimulation..but be sure to practice on yourself before doing it to another person.   Start running hands up and down body massaging as you go.  When at the chest, if being done to someone with “swollen” shoulders, apply a little more body weight.  If there is “swelling” closer to the arms below the collar bone you can apply pressure there also but don’t over do it.  It is okay to ask what the receiver prefers.  Focus on the pressure from the chest down to the top of the genitals and from the feet or lower body going up.  This helps get the movement through out the body and up and down the spine as well as spiritual body.  The inner thighs are highly stimulating as well as above and/or below genitals depending on the stress areas.  This is because movement was stimulated in the blockages around them.  Go back up to and around the chest.  When you go back down this time start with hands from the sides stomach, applying some pressure to the abdomen as you go down toward the genitals.  Go back down the legs.  When going back up, keep your thumbs down so they go between inner thighs and are able to massage up the perineum.  Again, usually if the area is swollen it will benefit, but could likely be sore as well so be careful.  Their energy should be circulating at this point.  Keep going up and down in different patterns, slowly adding light, slow genital stimulation or massage.  A light tough of the fingertip goes a long way as well as holding pressure points.  This can go on for as long as you like.  Breath and clenching can be done by both people.  Doing these things again will build and accumulate energy.  Massage is a large part of tantra because tantra is about activating energy flow in the body especially around the genital area.  Massage is a way of pushing out the old and in the new.  I always saw it like cleaning a house, the joints being like corners where impurities can hide.  You will give more stimulating experiences as you get more attuned to the energy in the body and pressure points.  Practice is where skills are developed.


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