My Story

I began this journey because I wanted full vitality, confidence/freedom in my body and mentality, to feel and look sexier and utilize powerful sexual states for transformation.  It has been a long search through the misconceptions of the health and general world.  My current practice has transformed as much as I have.  I know true healing to be a state of sensuality, relaxation, and invigorating to the body, mind and spirit.  I realized when I was very focused on rejuvenating myself, I was attracting more reasons to rejuvenate.  I noticed normal massage clients coming back week after week with the same issues while the Tantra clients got healthier coming more alive literally.  I noticed lack of feeling the ecstatic energy of being in my higher power and higher self(feeling super in tune, healthy, alive, motivated.. almost superhuman) while following the rules and routines of typical society.  So here my aim is to…

*Be in the energy of which we want to manifest vs trying to fix problems.  To feel ecstatic, practice feeling ecstatic.  Anyone can be naturally ecstatic but most of us do the opposite all day.

So that said….my current projects are as follows!

*Vancien Tantra Youtube-I will have information here for those who want respect as far as not wanting nudity.  I have full guides in the making solely for information and coaching so please check back.

*This is for me to practice and share what I am working on while editing projects and sharing more real and personal progress.  I enjoy this and want to do this through being transparent and value the relationship with everyone who is also looking to achieve this level of self care/development.   I decided and have literally seen by experimentation how I felt the most ecstatic and achieved the most progress…and it was not by worrying about anything outside of me or any insecurities what so ever.  The focus is very non physical.  The comfort/relaxation techniques, herbs, art etc are simply tools to effect the state of mind.

There are many little sayings and slogans out there that sum of tantra in a nutshell..

“As within, so without”

“What you feel, you manifest”

“Our outer world is a reflection of our inner world”

“When you stop giving a damn, thats when you get it”

“If the thought was important, it will come back”

“Successful people invest time and energy in improving themselves.  The best way to help someone in need is to not be someone in need.  Help yourself so your in a position to help someone else out!” -Grant Cardone

“The world treats you how you treat yourself”


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Screen Shot 2018-08-30 at 11.22.44 PM

Screen Shot 2018-08-12 at 1.15.51 AM

I grew up with anxiety and depression but in a normal upbringing.I knew little about sex, was exposed to porn a few times, and had a sexual experience at a young age.I never understood it’s okay and even empowering to for us and those we are around to say no or express our own questions and boundaries.I didn’t learn this until much later, around 28.After a life of attracting confusing, dark situations, I learned most sexual problems emotional or physical, were a result of lack of self care, inner awareness, pleasure and inner strength. This helped me in my own empowerment.I learned that when we cultivate our own inner wisdom, pleasure and sensitivity to energy, we don’t look to anyone for anything.And we gain deeper understanding and are able to actually loveand give unconditionally.Growing up, I never enjoyed or looked forward to anything, especially growing up.Now that I understand a lot more about sex, and how this should be a part of my life, I feel the clouds of my childhood finally lifted.I have been processing many things relating to this all of 2018.I had to try and look in the future and think to myself.When people are spiritually advanced, they would be more attuned to someones energy and what is seen or heard.This by they way makes giving feel so good.But a lot of insecurities and focus on the physical become nonexistent.I am working to fully realize and live this now, as this is the way to feeling our true power and strength.

I just have to take a second and look at how far I have come…2007-2017 I was confused by shaming and competition…and now I am growing so fast and feel so much pleasure I almost can’t believe that was me.

85CC01F9-B302-4224-8A32-4A8CF5CBEF04Screen Shot 2017-08-18 at 10.06.22 PM


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