Tantra Enhancement

Utilize your own inner pleasure and power.  I have been lucky enough to have spent the last several years in healing practice for others and I have had a lot of time to practice with myself in Nature.  I would like to share techniques (that I repeat in almost every session) for…

Getting into Erotic Energy and Tapping into Powerful Parts of Yourself

Erotic Healing and Full Body Health

Giving Full Body and Yoni/Lingham Massage

Prolonging Orgasmic Experiences and Sex Enhancement

Using Erotic Energy to Retain Youth, Creativity and Abundance in ALL Areas of Life

Orgasmic Birth Practice, Being completely in Tune with the Body, Mind and Forces of Nature

Maintaining Orgasmic States Though Out the Day

Giving is the highest form of pleasure.  This is more true than you can imagine and these guides will help you go longer and longer….feeling the other persons energy is REAL and it can become quite intoxicating to raise them through the roof.  I started with sensual massage and am teaching the more energetic aspects of this as well.  My first 5 years of massage were mediocre.  But as I learned more about getting into heightened states faster and faster, I found I really could feel peoples energy.  I practiced this unknowingly and share here how to enter flow states that make giving effortless and in a way you can not only tune into the other persons energy, but raise it quickly and effortlessly with the most erotic techniques and present timeless energy your partner is sure to reflect back to you.


This is a good start for someone wanting a summary.  My book Tantric Bliss is also available with techniques that I use for giving massage and my own practice.


Present Lingham Worship

This is a silent Lingham Worship practice…

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Watch Clip of Erotic Trance Techniques and Female Ejaculation

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Giving to ourself can be something that takes practice.  You can practice on your partner healing, Tantric full body orgasms etc.  Use this to supplement your own inner pleasure and discipline.  I learned much of how to have insane experiences from a lot of giving….it made me more sensitive, present and skilled.  Every man should know these things!  Learn the secrets of inducing full body orgasmic states and how to utilize this for never ending creative power in the bedroom and beyond.

How to Give INSANE Pleasure Guide

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How to Give a Woman Pleasure Step by Step Demo 2018


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It is My PLEASURE To Share This Wisdom of the Body and Mind