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UTILIZING ORGASMIC STATES FOR THE MOST PROFOUND HEALTH,.  Learn to bypass societies attempt to hide this and become this, unstoppable.  A superhuman in a profound reality.  Few have had the courage and clarity to explore these depths of human potential.

These techniques have been practiced over the last 10+ years and have blown both mine and my clients minds! These unpredictable, earth shattering, full body/spirit orgasmic states happen the same on males and females.

Enjoying more Freedom, Confidence and Sexual power

Sexual and Full Body Health

Secrets of the body and mind to induce erotic ecstasy!

Prolonging Orgasmic Experiences (Though Out the Day)

Using Erotic Energy to Retain Youth, Creativity and Abundance in ALL Areas of Life

Orgasmic Birth Practice, Being completely in Tune with the Body, Mind and Forces of Nature

Similar to Wim Hoff Techniques, I have noticed the ability to withstand different conditions in these states


The beginning videos are guided and working through healing and ingraining orgasmic techniques, in various positions and activities.  Regardless of “type” of video, the advancement in holding orgasmic techniques is the same

Sex Enhancement Orgasm Control

Health for Kids

My Sexual Health Story


LABIA TRANSFORMATION Intricate muscle awareness and activation!

PLEASE avoid sex enhancers etc, pharma etc in general. I have seen many people introduced to Tantric Bliss become symptom free naturally.

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Book with Techniques in Detail

All Tantric Videos

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