Tantra Enhancement

Experience accelerated blood flow, clarity, motivation and creativity!  I spent most of my life with out my own inner pleasure and power.  I have been lucky enough to have spent the last several years in healing practice for others and I have had a lot of time to practice with myself in Nature.  I would like to share techniques (that I repeat in almost every session) for…

Getting into Erotic Energy and Tapping into Powerful Parts of Yourself

Erotic Healing and Full Body Health

Giving Full Body and Yoni/Lingham Massage

Prolonging Orgasmic Experiences and Sex Enhancement

Using Erotic Energy to Retain Youth, Creativity and Abundance in ALL Areas of Life

Orgasmic Birth Practice, Being completely in Tune with the Body, Mind and Forces of Nature

Maintaining Orgasmic States Though Out the Day

The best thing you can do for yourself and others is take amazing care of yourself and live your healthiest happiest life.  Your loved ones might not say this but they want to see you thriving physically and spiritually, in the best states of mind possible.  Join the tribe of people practicing Tantra daily for their sexual and overall health!

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Watch Clip of Erotic Trance Techniques and Female Ejaculation

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How to Give INSANE Pleasure Guide

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Sexual Healing


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It is My PLEASURE To Share This Wisdom of the Body and Mind


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Skype $60/hr       In person Tantric Yoga/Consult $60/hr(limited)

FBSM $200/hr

Tantric Energy Massage $250/hr In this massage I prepare my energy and tune into orgasmic energy the entire time to give the best attention possible.